Crafts to decorate the baby's room

This week we've been focusing us on the special decorating the baby's room, how to decorate the bedroom of children in times of crisis, ie without spending much, adjusting to a low budget and doing for ourselves as possible. So today we want to focus on crafts, a simpler and more complicated, we can do at home that they can be used to decorate.

One of the good things that have had the crisis, there are always good things, just look on the bright side, it awakened the creativity of many and that together with the advances in communication, allowing us to share our ideas, has made we recover many homemade customs that had somehow lost. The Do It Yourself, do it yourself, it is fashionable looks fantastic and I do so, so let's see some examples of crafts that can take to the room of our children.

We started with painting, as we have said on other occasions that some paint may serve to give us a modern air furniture and walls. You just need a can of desired color, sandpaper if we go to paint wood, brush and roller and attack. But we can do more original things to paint in a solid color such as freehand painting multicolor stripes as shown in the picture.

If you regularly paint us at home, you probably already have traces of paint of various colors, and create a drawing either horizontal or vertical stripes or pattern that we like, we can help to leverage those leftover paint, no spending more and also have a fun and appropriate outcome for the children's room.

However I must add that when we choose very intense colors or bold patterns, such as those of which we are speaking, I recommend that we take only a wall and not to the whole room, the whole room can be too heavy, but impact on the wall of the result will be excellent, the rest of the walls painted in a solid color or leave them as they were if his tone blends well with the changes we make on the other wall.

Craft paper and cardboard

Paper is cheap and easy to handle, it is ideal for use colored construction paper crafts, but there are things that can also be done even with newspaper or magazine, with absolutely nothing to spend. Among the easiest things to do are moving to put on the baby's crib or decorative wreaths , we can change them every so often, are cheap and make them at home is easy, the whole family can have fun on a Sunday afternoon with the craft .

The walls can also be decorated with paper or paperboard, not only with paint, and I do not mean buying wallpaper but to add details such as in the case of 3D wall decor you can see in the first picture of this article . It really is very easy to do, much cheaper than vinyl and also has the value that we have done ourselves.

We must also consider the option of recycling, we talked before take newsprint and magazines for some things, you can also take advantage of the cardboard boxes that are some of the things we buy, or even egg cartons, paintable and can be used for toys or ornaments, or as a storage solution for small items.

Fabric Crafts

Although the craft paper and cardboard are simpler, which we do with fabric or felt have other advantages, because they are more durable, may require a little more effort on our part, but we get to do last longer and may have utility beyond the merely decorative.

With a technique like patchwork eg advantage remains of fabrics we already have at home and we can do almost anything, cushions quilts or these houses fabric you see in the photo and that can be used for storage, decorate and help the bedroom is tidy.

On the other hand the same garlands and mobiles in the previous section proposed to do with cardboard for my taste much better with felt, cut patterns are the same, the problem is you have to have the fabric and obviously leaves us face to paper, also clear that the ornament will last longer, so there we have to assess in each case the most rewarding us.

Crafts with knitting or crochet

And what is more fashionable is definitely crochet, knitting too, but maybe a little crochet, and that's clear to note that no one gets ganchillar well without devoting some time. But if we can get down to work, we can make beautiful things like these crochet cactus that decorate as plants, but do not care or watering.

Of course also quilts, blankets, rugs, dolls ... and countless useful things in the room and to decorate. The truth is that we could be days and days talking about crafts that are made ​​with all kinds of materials, taking advantage of old T-shirts, plastic containers ... even after emptying Nespresso capsules .

But our special ends here and it is impossible to list in a single article all we can do with our hands, I hope that these ideas will be of assistance to you feel encouraged and as inspiration for some of your future craft, remind you that on the net there are plenty of tutorials that can help you do anything if you walk a bit lost and do not forget that crafts have the added value that we have done.

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